"Dr. Borlaug's scientific achievements saved hundreds of millions of lives and earned him the Nobel Peace Prize and the distinction of one of the 100 most influential individuals of the 20th Century."
Jimmy Carter
"Dr. Borlaug is an American hero and a world icon."
George H. W. Bush
"This biography of one of the greatest men of our time is written in the same fast-paced, common sense style that has characterized the amazingly creative life of Norman Borlaug... No one can tell this story of Dr. Borlaug better than his fellow agriculturist and development authority, Dr. Leon Hesser."
George McGovern

Leon Hesser and his first wife (they celebrate their 62nd wedding anniversary, August 2008) are semi-retired in sunny Naples, Florida, where they enjoy the early morning sights and sounds of this southern paradise:

Leon Hesser
4858 Martinique Way
Naples, FL 34119-9550

[email protected]



(239) 254-1478

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Diana Oleskow Lubich, publicist
Heart Land Publicity, LLC

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